Buck Shot and The Ozone Rangers Band's first CD, "The Morning After", represents an impromptu two hour recording session of only Buck and his guitar - no overdubs, no vocal retakes - just the real deal.
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Buck Cheshire
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The CD was recorded at Ready Mix Music in North Hollywood, a very famous place for music historians:  the location of Jackson Brown's studio frequented by Lowell George, and where Stevie Ray Vaughan recorded his first album "Texas Flood."
The title "The Morning After" comes from Buck's mental state after a raucous birthday party the night before.  Classic Buck for all who know him!
"We're Getting Married Today" is an original song written for a friend's wedding.
Special Thanks to:  Paul Horabin for the recording session, Sarah Taylor, Lyn Foster-Webb, Alexandria Foot,  Dan Stanton, 
                                                and most importantly to Buck's wife and partner for life - Donna Schwan.