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When I returned from the military I tried to reunite with Pan Nehls as a duet - but the music had changed.  Pan was in college and everyone’s priority was staying in school, not getting drafted, looking for a job, moving out of their parents’ home and finding a place of their own to live.  I continued to play the guitar. 

I had a Martin Mahogany 015 which I dropped one night and cracked the back of it while under the influence of booze and drugs.  The guitar still played and could have been repaired, but instead I traded it for a Franciscan 12 string valued at $125.  I had to borrow $5 from a girl friend to pay the sales tax.  When I took the guitar to another guitar shop for their appraisal and told them what I traded, they advised me to see if I could get the guitar back because it was worth at least $300.  However, the guy who sold me the 12 string told me there was no getting the Martin back and that a deal was a deal.  It was a lesson well learned. 

A few years later I married Margot (Maggie May) George who for my 30th birthday gave me a brand new 1968 Martin D-28 12 String Guitar. 
My life was changed.  I became obsessed with learning songs, the majority of which were old then-current country and southern rock songs by e.g. Charlie Daniels, Marshall Tucker, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, George Jones and Kenny Rogers.  
I would take the guitar with me everywhere I traveled and play and sing at any opportunity, usually fueled by whiskey and Peruvian Marching powder. 

Margot and I were married for 8 years.
I met Donna Rae Schwan and we married in 1989.  
Donna has been my biggest fan ~ Donna is my partner for life.
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Donna has gifted me with most of my guitars and has been my biggest fan since 1989.  All of the following guitars were gifts from Donna ~

Guitars were gifted to me by my good friend and fellow guitar player, Glenn Webb ~ the American Fender Stratocaster, circa 1993 (left) and the Electric Martin Backpacker converted to a lap slide quitar (right).

Not pictured is a Chinese-made Fullerton guitar which is a Dread Naught, and the loudest acoustic guitar I have ever played.  

I keep it at Glenn & Lyn Webb’s in the LA area.  
Glenn, his son David, our good friend Gary “Gig” Cowles and I play a lot of music together when visiting Glendale and Pasadena.​

Currently, I own 10 guitars.   I  gifted a Memphis Fender knock-off to my nephew and my old Franciscan 12-string was converted to a six-string and sits in my friend Harry Reiners’ garage.   I gifted Harry's son Brandon [“Bubba”] Reiners with another guitar; I don’t remember doing it but I’m glad he has it. 

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